All for team cohesion

The Hotel Particulier Wagram and its modular spaces adapt to all your work assignments. Our personalized service allows you to work closely with your marketing, communication or live services for turnkey events.

We select for you a range of high-end service providers, receptionists, caterers, artists, entertainers, DJs, music groups, and any original idea …

Business Seminar

Organizing a business seminar means dealing with a multitude of possibilities that must be mastered, from prior reflection to the slightest detail of organization.


For more than 30 years, we have been organizing  event project for multiples clients.

Team building

Do you want to strengthen the links of your work team?

Team-building is a cohesive workshop to promote the human capital of your company, to motivate your troops, to give them confidence in a difficult context, to create links between individuals, to reinforce the spirit of team and solidarity, so that both get to know each other better or even to reward your employees, after a long year of work.

For a moment of quality, organized according to your needs: motivation, cohesion, relaxation … do not hesitate to choose the Hôtel Particulier Wagram.


Our team can create, plan, manage, give ideas, organize, ensure the smooth running of your professional meetings to mark the spirits and ensure your success.

An internal convention, training courses, study days, workshops, integration programs, anything is possible!


Corporate Celebration Event

A simple business meeting to the privatization of the Hotel Particulier in its entirety, the Hotel Particulier Wagram becomes your home, this is also our state of mind.

Our strength is to provide you with a central anchor for your events, whether for an hour, half a day, a day or more.

Product launch and showroom

The success of an event is primarily related on the choice of the place in which it takes place. Because they have a strong personality, our salons all have a soul and a story. And each of them has his own spirit.

Everything is at your disposal on site to help you prepare and carry out your events with complete peace of mind.

Schedule your Events

The teams at the Hotel Particulier Wagram, are fully aware that each event is unique, you can contact them, by email or phone, they’ll provide you with a customized event proposal tailored to your needs.